Returning To kuwait & new beginnings

After completing his studies, Tareq, of course, had to head back to Kuwait. Although he loved England, he always knew he wanted to be in Kuwait during this era of great economic, social and developmental change. Kuwait was going through a metamorphosis from being a traditional maritime nation to a new and modern oil-producing one. Before leaving England, Kuwait’s education office arranged for him to have a tour across Europe before returning to Kuwait. He was able to visit Belgium, France, Italy and several other countries before arriving back in Kuwait. He spent over a month in Heidelberg, Germany, with people he had met in England. By this stage, Tareq had already started collecting antiquities in England, including books, manuscripts and coins. The German family he had stayed with were extremely hospitable, and Tareq was so grateful for their hospitality that he gifted the family his small collection of ancient Islamic gold coins before he left. Perhaps the coins are still in the family’s possession. When Tareq eventually arrived in Kuwait, his first job appointment was with the Ministry of Education as an art teacher at Salah Al-Deen school, where he taught for a year before being appointed to the Department of Museums and Antiquities, where he rapidly became the director. 

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